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Суп из курицы. Секретный ингредиент Манка.

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Все видео пользователя: Шеф-повар Василий Емельяненко.

Я смотрю, что ролик про три вида бульона вызвал у вас большой интерес. Значит надо дать вам повод подкрепить ваши новые знания на практике. Давайте сделаем на этих выходных отличный и простой супчик для всей семьи из желтого куриного бульона и обжаренных овощей. Ну и надо обязательно добавить в него, что-то необычное, например манную крупу. =)

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\"Шеф-повар Василий Емельяненко\"

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Friends, remembering from the trainings that we We spend with companies d on large cities of Russia lunch option soup which I rather which you cook there right on training and ask always where the recipe here I will tell you now how everything it turns out so tasty so satisfying as.

In general, we should all and eat so I immediately put the stew pan with money.

Put more on the eight so he Already warming up and at this time I take.

Grater within the framework of the training course I don’t work carrot right in the pot but you are her third separately then add to pan.

You can speed up the process and rub so prim in the pan already goes.

The process of cooking butter I will add a little later, the carrot we have already fried not.

Forget about a small amount vegetable oil watch to us nothing can be burned a little bit reduce fire what I like about Medea slider it works exactly you press everything at once the temperature of the opel club decreased rapidly cut at the beginning along then across.

Smaller immediately ship all carrots so onions we have stewpans.

All stir fry cabbage piece young cabbage.

I cut the dice that is, at first I do longitudinal cuts.

And then cross I don't know why and who cutting cabbage with straws is impossible.

Eat it falls from the spoon back into the soup splashing earlier in old times cabbage was crumbled yes so I prefer it so much.

More convenient to take a spoon and send here here vegetables all pose together slightly matrix add salt immediately.

All interfere with the wonderful vegetable flavor you can not fry it much here.

Depends on how fast you are do all the prescriptions so look what I've boiled chicken broth here he filtered it from me right here in pan and thigh shin and it means we take chicken and meat removed from.

Send bones to vegetables while vegetables us at a low temperature slightly.

Roasted say who diets under skin does not throw, I think that skin Generally the most delicious chicken so I her Be sure to add everything should be tasty homemade meat wings on wings has a large number connective tissue and so she tasty about him do not forget now.

Add pepper pepper to taste salt by to taste.

So all mix and we have vegetables almost ready now take the broth and.

Poured over here depending on how much you want to get.

Liquid or thick soup immediately turn on booster so that he would rather warmed up now very important the ingredient of this soup is semolina few.

Heard and uses such a step as puff for soup from semolina they are from flour.

Flour gives such a powerful taste is not very good and need to fry there yet something semolina does not need to roast just as soon as the broth began to boil.

Whisk also interfere by a little sypem In my volume how much is about 3.

Liters means 2 and a half I seize on spoons of semolina.

Stirring so that she was collapsing a the main thing is not to turn into your porridge.

Semolina soup is just a puff for so that the vegetables are not separated from.

Broth and gives a certain thickness and saturation and extraordinary.

Organoleptic have such a structure with dense so real as all Russians.

Soup and we love Russian people love so that the soup is thick and rich.

Nurse times and gives here this emptiness and only the soup is rich season with greens because the mom brews there two three minutes do not need to boil it for long while she brews during this time.

Any kind of greenery you fridge but you should definitely add there a small clove of garlic is also paralysis phil a small clove of garlic crushed quickly cut it and now we send all in the pan garlic greens anyone can add.

And chili peppers for spice o what divine scent what.

Divine scent turning off the slab on the marie plot is not necessary the temperature of the soup is enough to process the garlic and all.

Damn it is generally something delicious myself even did not look now it remains to take the deepest the biggest plate and pour this beautiful rich powerful such Russian soup is the main meat so expensive.

Our colleagues and friends and guests and those who watching my channel now you know where this one is prepared beautiful soup some of you have it already tried on our trainings and someone still have to try the media feel at home

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