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Список самых лучших мультиварок-скороварок.


10. Redmond RMC-PM4506 - http://slmrt.ru/aNLb...

9. Cuckoo CMC-HE1055F - http://slmrt.ru/aOLb...

8. Moulinex CE 701132 - http://slmrt.ru/aPLb...

7. Maxwell MW-3810 - http://slmrt.ru/aQLb...

6. Vitesse VS-3004 - http://slmrt.ru/aRLb...

5. Marta MT-4310 - http://slmrt.ru/aSLb...

4. UNIT USP-1200S - http://slmrt.ru/aTLb...

3. Scarlett SL-1529 - http://slmrt.ru/aULb...

2. Philips HD2178 - http://slmrt.ru/aVLb...

1. Redmond RMC-M90 - http://slmrt.ru/aWLb...

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Hello to all on AVA today at our review of the top 10 best multivaroks.

Early cancer of 2018 multivarka is one of the irreplaceable objects in the kitchen which help to seriously save time to cook a variety of dishes However, choose the most appropriate The model is not so simple as this I would like all the more so that the market.

A large number of similar when buying focus on a number of parameters choose the best multivarku pressure cooker for home and kitchen in the tenth place redmond Ramsi.

R & m 4506 open our top ranking multivorok 2018 this model.

Its power is only 900 watts However, this does not prevent her from being very.

Productive due to high coefficient of efficiency the device is capacious cups of the order of five liters.

Additionally processed non-stick daikin coated The bowl can be used not only in the most multivariate but also put in the oven device equipped with a convenient digital display control push-button housing metal decorated with plastic inserts there are rubberized legs, it is resistant to various mechanical influences The multivarker is absolutely safe and The work begins only after fixing cover is a system of protection against.

Excess pressure from overheating and so further advantage is very convenient.

Management of a significant amount modes of operation for a long time warranty service for two years there is a delayed start a capacious bowl.

Non-stick coating The disadvantages of having a rubber lid.

Sealant absorbing odors cooked food there is no handle beside the bowl.

Because of what it is inconvenient to get it inner cover is not removable It is not convenient to wash using a series of regimes food burns.

In the ninth place ku-ku hihiha 1055 of The device has a huge amount.

Functions and operating modes of automatic programs only 12 but there is a possibility.

Manual temperature control Induction heating of the common capacity up to 1400 55 years volume of the bowl is 5 liters.

Inside there is a marble non-stick spraying precision setting temperature.

Is 1 degree delayed start function a maximum of 13 hours after completion cooking the function of heating the buttons on the The surface of the product is a bit they all.

So you can sign on your own understand the management of the device plastic housing ergonomic from the bottom is a coil for winding the supply cable Benefits are voice assistant.

Allowing even more quickly to understand the equipment operation a significant number of functions the multivarker cleans itself Steam is heated from all parties the display has an LED backlight a large number of additional accessories included in the kit limitations high cost cover opens too abruptly on the display an inscription and rather small to see them are difficult.

In eighth place moulinex ce and 701 1132 looks device is original easy in.

Use of significant number of useful functions multicore-pressure cooker has electronic type control is The graphic display on which are shown information needed by the user.

Large volume of 6 liters has handles in there is one more container there are several automatic modes cooking manual settings equipment is equipped with a function additional heating due to which ready dish will be hot as early as.

Within an hour and a half after completion cooking there is a delayed start up to 15 hours the body is made of high-quality plastic assembly reliable operation process is not.

There are backlashes and extraneous squeaks bowls are made of metal inside is covered with pyramidal compounds advantage a large number of functions.

Safe work due to the availability of systems overpressure protection.

There is a soft steam release the bowl is automatically cleaned hot.

Ferry has a ceramic spraying machine very quickly there are several options heating including induction faults.

No possibility to adjust manually temperature and pressure significant weight.

Take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

In the seventh place maxwell mw 3810 differ in acceptable overall.

The size is suitable even for the kitchen small body made of quality stainless steel painted in an attractive color under The housing is thermally insulating material that will not allow the receipt of burn The lid is equipped with a silicone sealant not absorbing extraneous odors except There is a valve with a function on it..

The adjustment valve is installed pressure reset button.

Pressure cover you can just open but it is removable which facilitates its cleaning.

On the front wall is a convenient control panel consisting of a button.

Digital display The volume of the bowl is 5 liters non-stick coating available Benefits acceptable cost workmanship in the cooking process in the kitchen odors appear All programs are convenient and with the possibility of their changes in manual mode is easy to clean disadvantages if necessary.

A removable cup is almost impossible required temperature and pressure dialing.

For about 20 minutes because of bringing cooking time increases.

In sixth place whilst the 3004 swivel has a standard.

A set of functions without extra frills the power of the device is 900 watts.

This indicator is sufficient for high-quality heating of the metal bowl with external and internal ceramic a coating in memory is laid 13 automatic programs deferred start for up to 24 hours.

There is an automatic heating that allows the prepared dish stay hot for a long time time cover is equipped with silicone.

Removable sealant that makes it easier cleaning is selected in.

Depending on the program but if necessary it can be adjust and manually from 30 to 70 mouth guard feeding cord is quite long there is from juice for liquid fixed to the back on.

There are several systems providing security.

Use a relief valve pressure is a reliable protection against.

Overheating and short circuit in addition, during cooking the case of the device does not heat up at all advantage perfectly prepares for any.

The selected operating mode is large bowl resistant to physical influences.

Attractive appearance acceptable price drawbacks for first use is resistant smell of plastic with time passes the steam valve very sensitive can quickly get out.

Out of service.

In fifth place more tempe 4310 the device is equipped with 45 programs.

Working among which almost half automatic bowl is made of.

Multilayer steel its volume is 5 liters in what is quite enough for.

Small family it has a polymer coating of ceramic Tip mushrooms ounce 3 + Germanic production for a pressure indicator cover has spare gaskets made of silicone design attractive body is made Stainless steel build quality backlash both at the beginning of operation and in.

Lifetime The cover is completely removable which facilitates cleaning device included plastic container for collection condensate under the hull is the heat insulating layer.

Heating capacity of the equipment is 900 watts there is the possibility of manual.

Temperature and pressure control as in Other models have a function delayed start advantages of beautiful appearance light weight small overall dimensions easy to use.

A large number of diverse useful functions to lower the steam manually flawed on the reverse side condensate accumulates even when.

Using the collection function is low Reliability of valve function pressure 3d.

Heating there are no mating feeders here are some of the modes.

Completely repeat each other.

In fourth place unity ui sleep 1200s one of the best.

Multivarok in 2018 in many respects due to presence of smokehouse function in the kit.

There are two bowls one of them is intended for use in standard modes multi-cooker-pressure cooker second equipped tubular heating element for which must be worn special container with chapay due to this bowl You can get a dish of hot and cold smoking as a multivark the unit is equipped with the twelfth automatic programs device is equipped with a fairly convenient display and several buttons, and start button missing multicast.

Automatically starts after 5 seconds after the protector of the cap pressure.

Not regulated 70 square meters for cooking most dishes this quite enough both bowls have a reliable ceramic coverage of the same volume of 6 liters in There are two O-rings.

One of which is intended directly for use devices as smoke housings metal does not creak during operation advantage good functionality devices high quality cooking even hard meat is carried out for a short time shortage of the short power cord while using the smoking mode.

A lot of smoke long pressure is gaining temperature.

On the third place scarlett sl-1529.

In the ranking of the top 10 best multivorak this model took the honorable third place in the largely due to its wide a number of useful operational qualities that have been made her one of the most popular among similar devices power of the heating element is 900.

Watt the volume of the bowl 5 liters it has non-stick coating the body is reliable completely hermetic for account for what can be cooked for certain pressure it adjusts automatically in depending on the selected program or manually in the range from 40 to 90 x.

Due to this function is significantly reduces cooking time the case is made of stainless steel with inserts from the plastic device.

Equipped with handles for carrying and pressure relief valve Each of the cooking programs is presented on the panel as a separate button which facilitates the use of the device There is also a digital display with LED backlight advantages attractive appearance removable lid maintaining temperature ready meals reasonable price.

Disadvantages automatic heating disconnected only after completion.

Cooking programs because of what the dish can dry the bowl have a corrugated coating that makes it more difficult to clean.

The gasket absorbs foreign smells.

In second place philips hd 2173 del is beautiful and modern.

The design of the case is made from stainless steel.

Covered with polish control panel sensor type if necessary.

Can be blocked for protection from children construction is equipped with automatic the pressure relief system also A special valve is not available. allowing you to open the lid when cooking dish to be made under pressure it makes the design absolutely safe during of operation of bowls volume 6 liters of non-stick coating.

From teflon on the case there are convenient handles to transfer the device from one places to another multivark has built-in microprocessor where you can save program of cooking quite often advantage is used childproof protection system.

Stages but stylish appearance availability touchscreen display bowl has non-stick coating is a function.

Automatic warming up shortcomings condensate accumulates inside periodically have to delete it with a soft dry cloth.

And in the first place repair rmc m90 in ranking the best such a multivarka.

The pressure cooker took its own merits leading line it looks pretty attractive the metal case has plastic.

Inserts bowls made of aluminum has convenient handles so that it can be.

Get out of the niche and do not get burned non-stick coating ceramic well resists mechanical damage it is very easy to clean the lid completely not You can remove only her.

Interior on the body provides a stand for a spoonful the power of the device is not the highest 860 watt But this does not affect the performance The devices provide high reliability index control fully electronic all touch buttons are also sensitive to surface of the case is LCD with sufficiently bright backlighting advantage high reliability it is easy to wash a large number of functions attractive appearance acceptable cost disadvantages are not too convenient and.

Flipping programs at the first cooking is an outsider the smell that eventually disappears.

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On the AVA channel it was a review of the top 10 the best multivarious fast cancer of 2018.

Thanks to everyone who watched the video before the end of everything up to the meeting

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