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Фытыр.Египетский пирог с кремом/Pie Recipe, English Subtitles

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Фытыр.Египетский пирог с кремом/Pie Recipe, English Subtitles/Супер

Pie Recipe, English Subtitles!

В этом видео я делюсь рецептом супер вкусного египетского пирога Фытыр с заварным кремом. Если вам интересно, как приготовить фытыр, то присоединяйтесь и будем готовить фытыр вместе.

For the dough we need:

1 cup. milk (200 gr)

10 gr dry yeast

1 egg, a little bit salt

3,5 cup. flour (400gr)

250 g of butter


1 egg

1cup of sugar (180-200gr)

3 tablespoons starch

2 cup of milk


Для теста:

1 ст. молока

10 гр сухих дрожжей

1 яйцо,чуть соли

2,5 -3 ст. муки (у меня чуть больше )

250 г сливочного масла(у меня 200гр)


1 яйцо

1 ст.сахара(180-200гр)

3 ст.л.крахмала

2 ст.молока


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Hello guys! Welcome to my channel VkusnoTV! My name is Jenya and now we are going to cook some Egypts sweet food it is sooo yummy, it calls Fytyr! So if you are interested in it! Lets go! we need a dry yeast I have poured out it in the big dish where we are going to make dough next we are pouring 200 gr of warm milk and mix it, try to dissolve the yeast.

After that put the egg a little bit salt just like that after stir the egg, we are putting wheat flour 3 glasses start to make soft dough ta-da!!! After 5-7 minutes my work is done but i put here more than 3 glasses of wheat flour, i think ... nearly 3 and half glasses.

This is what i didnt use from last one i am using this kind of glasses in every glass we have close to 120 gr of flour.

So generally we need 400 gr of wheat flour in the info box all information about ingredients.

Now put dough to rest a little bit cover it by some textile, and put it in the warm place it will be double or even more this time we can do our cream here is we put 3 soup spoon of cornstarch and 180 gr of sugar one egg and mix mix and mix it until white color next put 2 glasses of milk (360gr) put on small fire.

And cooking until it became like a cream dont forget to stir it, dont go far away from fire.

So you can see how it is looks like after 7 minutes of cooking i took it from fire put some vanilla and wait a little bit until cream will be cold separated the dough on two same parts.

Sprinkled some flour on table took the rolling-pin and now we are going to do some magic with this soft body:)) lets flatten out it to 3 mm of thickness it became not perfect, but its okey now lets grease it by bitter near 150 gr for one part of dough.

This is how it have to be. Next step is rolling it there is our result and now roll it up just like that.

This is my first part of dough i covered it by food film, and put it to the fridge and lets do second part everything the same 2 hours later i took my dough, rolled it out and put it to the pan with baking paper this is only one part you can see how it looks.

Now i am taking cold cream and put it like cover.

I used all cream here is second part of dough lets open it it have grown even in the cold fridge.

Now i am going to do the same action i did with first part put it out on the table.

You can see here i have sprinkled flour for easier working here we go from this dough we going to do cover.

To put it on first one this one is better to do a little bit bigger than first one.

Because you will put it on and bend tuck in.

I hope you can understand me so now i am putting it like a cover.

I have done and here this edges i just simple sticked it together.

Try to do your best.

I sticked it for cream will not go out.

I hope you could understand cross fingers :) I turned on the oven for 180 degrees Celsius and this pie should wait 5 or more minutes in warm place.

When oven is ready about degrees we will put our pan with pie in and waiting until it will be baked close 50 minutes you can see it about nice color look how it grew up lets bake it 50 minute later it is ready! you can put some sugar powder when it cold i am going to cut it guys, it is so yummy, so much cream its real unbelievable test not too much sweet, because of dough without any sugar but cream is sweet enough i cannot stop eating so delisious, please try it and put much butter between parts of dough and it will be best what have you ever ate.

I hope you like this video please subscribe I promise you will not be disappointed if you like it welcome to my channel! i wish you the best! See you soon!

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