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✧ БИСКВИТ ИДЕАЛЬНЫЙ Самый удачный рецепт! ✧ Sponge Cake Recipe ✧ Марьяна

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✔ Очень удачный бисквит, который получается всегда, даже у новичков, и никаких проблем с ним не возникнет. Бисквит легкий, воздушный и очень нежный. Предлагаю два рецепта бисквита для разных форм.

✔ A very successful biscuit, which is always obtained, even for beginners, and no problems with it will not arise. Sponge cake is light, airy and very delicate. I propose two biscuit recipes for different forms.


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На форму диаметром 20-22см. или квадратная 18×18 см.

● Ингредиенты:

Яйца - 4 шт.

Сахар - 120 г.

Мука - 120 г. (или 100 г. муки и 20 г. крахмала)

Ванильный сахар - 1 ч. л. (по желанию)


На форму диаметром 22-24 см. или квадратная 23×23 см.

● Ингредиенты:

Яйца - 6 шт.

Сахар - 180 г.

Мука - 180 г. (или 150 г. муки и 30 г. крахмала)

Ванильный сахар - 1 ч. л. (по желанию)


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On the shape of a diameter of 20-22cm. Or a square 18 × 18 cm.

● Ingredients:

Eggs - 4 pcs.

Sugar - 120 g.

Flour 120 g (or 100 g flour and 20 g starch)

Vanilla sugar - 1 tsp. (optional)


On the shape of a diameter of 22-24 cm or a square 23 × 23 cm.

● Ingredients:

Eggs - 6 pcs.

Sugar - 180 g.

Flour 180 g (or 150 g flour and 30 g starch)

Vanilla sugar - 1 tsp. (optional)


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Hello everyone! Now prepare a very a good strong cake, which is obtained always, even beginners and no problems with him not will emerge! It is light, airy and very gentle. Many strong cake fails first time. When baking it settles, turns out a rubber or just raw inside. The difference in this recipe biscuit from classical themes, that not need to carefully separate the whites from the yolks and beat it to death. This is not required, which is extremely convenient, and the result exceeds the boldest expectations! For the sponge cake 6 eggs us ever need: sugar, vanilla sugar, sifted flour and eggs. For starters, you need to include oven and to set the temperature to 180°C degrees. Then break the eggs into a high bowl,.

Pour sugar, vanilla sugar and beat with a mixer before the formation of lush, bright, dense mass. You need to stir them from at the lowest mixer speed, then gradually increase it to the maximum..

Look for consistency foams, it must become dense and light, when you start traces from the beaters of the mixer, so beat sufficiently. The flour must be sifted 2-3 times before, how to enter it into the dough. Then flour get enough oxygen and the sponge cake is fluffy and airy..

Enter the flour into the beaten egg eggs in small portions,.

Gently interfering with each portion with a silicone spatula or whisk,.

Movement from the bottom up. For a recipe for 6 eggs take shape with a diameter of 24 centimeters..

Lay the bottom and sides of the split shape with baking paper, put the biscuit dough and gently level the surface. Before you put form with dough in the oven, scroll the shape slightly around its axis. The dough is better distributed in shape and will not swell in the baking process. Send cake in a preheated up to 180-190 ° C degrees oven, if baking a cake from a strong 6 eggs for 30-35 minutes and 20-25 minutes if from 4 eggs. The strong willingness of the cake easily test with a toothpick, it should come out absolutely dry. If the toothpick stick piece of dough, then sponge it is necessary to pester. Strong cake ready to flip in the form of on 4 Bada and leave to cool cakes for 10-15 minutes. Then gently extract from the form, remove the baking paper and leave for complete cooling. As you can see, strong cake turns out quite high, about 5.5 cm. and a diameter of 24 cm. This strong cake, like any other another should stand at least 8-12 hours. Cover with towel and send for maturation. And only then his can be cut, impregnate with syrup and cover with cream. The cake turns out high, lush, from it you can build a big cake for the whole family! The sponge is ready. Bon appetit and successful you baking! All thank you, that look video, like and subscribe to the channel!

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